Luxury Handmade Cork Bags From the Italian Island of Sardinia

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Discover Our Fine Selection of High End Made in Italy Artisanship

Bag Martina - Italian Treasures
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Pocket Cork - Italian Treasures
Regular price $590.00
Pochette Alice - Italian Treasures
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The Story of our Bags Begins in Our Workshop

Our lab was founded in 1985 with a small family-run workshop and has been making bags and accessories in natural cork for over 30 years. The choice and care of details, passion and craftsmanship have remained intact in the company, in the spirit of the founder Massimo Mattana.
Creativity has given birth to a unique brand in its sector, creating a product made in Sardinia 100% sold all over the world.

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What others are Saying

It's easy to say why Seurzu will shake the Luxury Bags Market

Mark Amons - The Journal

Unique pieces of Italy at an irresistible prices

Samantha - Luxury Post

The thing that distinguishes Seurzu from other Luxury Bags is the unique material: original Italian's Cork from the Island of Sardinia

Sarah - Bags Design

Each Piece of Our Collection is Handmade and Shipped from Sardinia

In the old town of Assemini, the Craftman Tradition pass down from Father to Son since 1985